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Our Story

“Creating Better Futures”


After leading change across a diverse range of businesses for over 20 years, Jeremy Nichols founded Composure in 2013.

We wanted to build a contemporary consulting business that made a genuine difference to clients and the community. The brand name Composure was an important symbol and word that reflected who we are, the way we want to work and our unique way of creating value for our clients.

In today’s ever changing and fast paced business environment, the ability to maintain ‘composure’ in the face of pressure is one of the great challenges facing leaders today.

Composure doesn’t just happen. You need to work at it. You need to prepare for it, train for it, develop it, practice for it and stick with it.

This is what we do. We help organisations and leaders get prepared for those moments when composure is the difference between succeeding or not succeeding.

The Composure Way

“Bringing our BEST”

B - Bold

We are willing to challenge the status quo to seek the best outcomes. We stay ahead of the game by thinking differently and backing ourselves. We ask the questions many won’t ask, but we always do it with one intent in mind – to bring out the best in people.

E - Excellence

We aim to leave a positive impression in all we do. We take great pride in our work and we are known for delivering quality outcomes. We deliver on our promises and go above and beyond the norm.

S - Supportive

We will give all our talent, energy, expertise and experience so all the brains are in the game. We appreciate differences and find ways to unearth the talent within. We are a ‘safe pair of hands’ as clients know we work hard and are good at what we do.

T - Trustworthy

We are authentic and genuine. We consciously build trust deposits by doing the right thing and by taking ownership of issues when they arise. We think more ‘we’ than ‘me’ as we know teams will always be better than individuals alone. Our intentions and integrity ensure our clients trust us and we trust each other.

Why Clients Choose Composure

“Creating Better Futures”


We are different because we see the whole picture and connect the science, art and mystery of people in organisational life. Essentially we know what makes people tick.

We work hard at helping organisations, teams and individuals find the best version of themselves.

As consultants we provide an external perspective. We don’t get caught in the politics, and we are not pressured to say the ‘right thing’. Our experience and expertise means we know what we are doing as we have seen most of the mistakes that can be made. Importantly, we don’t just make it up. We base our recommendations on evidence-based data and we balance strong theoretical foundations to our work, with a pragmatic and real world approach. We also keep you energised for the change, as it is easy to drop off when the going gets hard.

We like to be on the edge of best practice and we are willing to push boundaries to get the best out of you and create better futures.


Meet Our Talented People

“The perfect formula for organisational change.”

Jeremy Nichols

“The Strategist”

What I do

I am passionate about helping people play at their best. My job is to engage, motivate and challenge my clients to grow and become the best version of themselves. I believe learning and developing is a journey that always has a challenge or an opportunity around the corner.

Why I do what I do

I am constantly intrigued by the complexity of people and organisations and how they come together to create something unique. I love seeing people, teams and organisations unleash their potential, especially when the journey has been a challenge. I am most energised when people are willing to challenge the boundaries that constrict them, access the genius within, and actively create better futures. The fact that I can do this work with a range of clients and industries, as well as leading and growing our own business, provides an extraordinarily interesting career and life.

My driving force

To provide an environment both within clients, and within Composure, where people can get the best out of their working lives.

When I’m not working

My 4 teenagers keep me on my toes! Weekends usually consist of driving them around to various sporting and social activities. For fitness, I’m usually on the bike which doubles as my time to catch up with friends whilst experiencing the delights of our beautiful countryside. And then there’s vet’s hockey – which I play like a footballer so that can be interesting…or at least entertaining!

What others say?

“…you want him on your strategy team…”

Chloe Ballard

“The Multi-Tasker”

What I do

I am the master multi-tasker and support to our team and clients. My mission is to help everyone achieve theirs. I manage all and sundry for the team so we consistently deliver the highest quality work for our clients and partners.

Why I do what I do

My work underpins everyone else’s which really energises me. I can work in a spontaneous, fun and highly engaging way with my team, whilst utilising all my organisational skills for a strong client focus. I’m basically surrounded by the best mentors, teachers, collaborators and seriously good people in this business…no wonder I get to shine so brightly!

My driving force

We are at work 1/3 of our life, so working with people and organisations to get the best out of themselves is a no brainer.

When I’m not working

You’ll find me in activewear (yep, I’m one of those!), on the netball court, mountain biking, surfing, brunching with friends or hanging out with rescue pooch of the century, Roxy girl.

What others say?

“…not only the best support you’ll find but a joy to have around…”

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