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The Brief

Our client, a leading boutique law firm who recently had undergone a restructure and rebranding, was challenged by a need to define itself and its new strategic direction.

The partners of the firm were adamant they wanted to build a different type of business, where culture and work-life balance were not just given lip-service, but were deeply respected and held as core values.

Designing the Solution

The first task was to align the partners behind a common vision and ensure there was absolute unity in their approach to leading the business. The partners engaged Composure as an external partner in the process, to facilitate a 2-day partners’ strategic retreat. The partners returned from their retreat with a clear strategy, including a unifying purpose they could rally behind, a vision they believed in, a set of values that was entirely unique to them, and a clear set of goals for the business.

With support from Composure, the strategy continued to evolve and was instrumental in the success of the firm over the next two years. As new partners joined, they enjoyed the clarity with which the leadership of the firm operated. The emerging culture was distinct and was a key advantage over competitors, allowing the firm to attract key talent and great customers.

The Outcomes

In mid 2017, as the business doubled in size, new partners and employees joined, and the partners decided to embark on a culture project. The culture was already strong and positive, however the leadership wanted to “preserve and progress” what they had, knowing growth could often dilute a culture.

Over the next four months, the firm set up a culture working group made of representatives from across the firm. We assessed the existing culture using Composure’s Culture Compass, and the group then defined the aspirational culture in greater depth and developed a roadmap to preserve and progress the culture over the next 12 months. The result was even greater clarity around what makes the firm unique and an action plan to maintain the culture as it continues to grow.

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