Composure | Australian manufacturer facing headwinds
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The Brief

As a new leader of a traditional Australian manufacturer that was facing significant headwinds, it was critical for the EGM of this large business to align his new Executive team around a common purpose, vision and a new way of working. Their ability as a leadership team to clarify and role model clear and consistent behaviours for a successful future was identified by the EGM as the pivot point to take the team from being good to great.

Some of the leaders were technically experienced, others were proven leaders but new to the industry, and others had stepped up from within the business. The aim was to bring all the ‘brains to the game’ and establish a team that worked towards a common goal that was different to what the organisation had ever attempted before. As the business had to transform given the market conditions, the goal was to create leaders not just better managers to navigate the new frontiers.

Designing the Solution

Composure has been working since 2015 with the Executive team to progress their capability as leaders and as a leadership team in their new frontier. Composure provided a structure and language to growing the executives as a team and individuals through their Team VOICE framework. The initial self-assessment as a team provided a simple and effective way to identify the critical challenges and opportunities on becoming an effective team. This was supplemented with a customised Team360 assessment that provided people outside the team to provide feedback on what they see as working and not working.

The Outcome

Composure’s ability to challenge and support at the right moments made the difference. With an external and objective view, they were able to help the leaders, grow as individuals and as a team. The team continues to meet every 6 months to take time out from their day-to-day work to review progress and re-group on how to be a great team. The business, as a result, not only managed to navigate the anticipated headwinds but also grew market share, top line revenue and profit during this time.

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