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The Brief

Custom Fleet is Australia and New Zealand’s premier fleet management organisation. For almost 40 years’ Custom Fleet have been providing expert leasing and fleet management services locally, nationally and globally. Custom Fleet has approximately 2,400 customers in metropolitan and regional Australia serviced by dedicated local sales and customer service centres in all mainland states and New Zealand.

In June 2015, Custom Fleet was sold by GE Capital to Element Fleet Management. Following a major restructure and new leadership, the business was challenged by a need to redefine itself in the marketplace and enhance its leadership capabilities across the organisation. The car leasing industry as a whole was challenged by a new reality where the threat of new technologies and disruptors, could mean that the traditional leasing model was no longer sustainable unless they adapted and changed. Custom Fleet was determined to ‘Get Ahead of the Game’ by shifting its focus and becoming a technology and data-driven company. This required a significant shift in mindsets and culture across the business.

Custom Fleet engaged Composure to work with the Executive Team, Senior Leadership Team, and People Leaders to support this shift.

Designing the Solution

In November of 2016, Composure designed and facilitated a tailored solution for Custom Fleet’s Leadership Conference that involved the top-three leadership levels across the organisation. The different leadership levels all had distinct, but related, workshops focussed on creating relationships across the organisation and greater clarity around how each level contributes to the overall success of the organisation. A similar conference was designed and facilitated by the Composure team in 2017 to continue the growth and momentum.

During 2017, Composure was also supported the Executive Team’s development. As a newly formed team, their challenge was to build stronger relationships with each other and lift themselves out of operations in order to dedicate more time to function at a strategic level. In order to successfully achieve this, the Executive needed to understand how to get the best out of each other, agree a way of working together, and enhance the operational and leadership capabilities of the next two levels within the organisation.

Composure designed and facilitated a series of sessions that included individual coaching, team and leadership development, strategy design and culture development with the Executives.

The Outcome

The outcomes of the work included a unifying purpose the organisation could rally behind, a vision setting out the new reality, a set of values unique to Custom Fleet, and a clear set of goals. The Executive Team also built a deeper understanding of what drives each of them and how to lead more effectively in order to ‘get ahead of the game’ On all metrics, financial and non-financial, the business is performing above expectation and successfully transitioning to the new reality while remaining a leader in their field.

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