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The Brief

Composure worked with an elite sporting organisation in 2017. The organisation had recently undergone a major structural change, including a new leadership team and a new ambitious strategy.

One of the key challenges in executing the strategy was the organisation’s culture, which was detracting from the organisation’s ability to perform. The organisation did not have any concrete data to diagnose the pain-points in the current culture, nor did it have a clear idea of the culture in needed to build towards in order to deliver its strategy. The goal of the project was for the leaders of the organisation to emerge with a deep understanding of the existing culture, a clear vision for the culture necessary in order to deliver on the vision, and a roadmap that sets out the path to building the culture over the coming years.

Designing the Solution

Composure delivered a comprehensive Culture Transformation Program over the course of 7 months. The first step was to assess the existing culture using our proprietary culture assessment tool, the Culture Compass. Results were then shared across the organisation and used as a platform for a deeper exploration into the culture through a series of Focus Groups and workshops. The survey revealed what the culture was at a high level, the focus group allowed us to understand in greater depth why the culture was the way it was.

Our next step was to establish a Culture Champions’ group who would act as custodians and drivers of the culture project. The Culture Champions were made up of representatives from across the organisation including athletes, coaches, club representatives, state bodies, and senior management.

The Culture Champions built a powerful narrative focused around four central cultural pillars and setting out the behaviours and mindsets necessary to deliver the vision. Once the narrative was established, the Culture Champions worked on developing a tangible Culture Road Map, setting out the different initiatives under each of the culture pillars that would deliver progress and change.

The Outcome

The project concluded with the organisation’s Executive focussed on their role in living and breathing the culture.

Today, the organisation has emerged with a stronger sense of purpose, a clearly defined culture, and more engaged staff and stakeholders across all levels who are critical to helping the organisation achieve its vision of being the best in the world.

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