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The Brief

The Sporting Membership Organisation was founded in the 19th century, and is responsible for some of Australia’s leading sporting events. Currently, the organisation employees 184 staff, aside from its sizeable event-based workforce contingent, in order to run a number of major events for the public every year. It also services approximately 30,000 members throughout the year.

In 2016 this organisation undertook a restructure and developed its strategic plan for 2015-2020, including its vision, values, strategic priorities, metrics and enablers. One of the key enablers identified was its culture. Several attempts in the past to lift engagement and improve culture had failed and some change initiatives had lost momentum as a result of cynicism and inherent resistance to change within the organisation.

The organisation was seeking to develop a strong culture across the business based on its core values, that could enable it to successfully execute its strategy and achieve its vision.

Designing the Solution

Composure was commissioned to work in partnership with the SM Organisation to deliver a whole organisation Culture Transformation Program.

The first phase focused on assessing the current culture using Composure’s proprietary Culture Compass™ diagnostic assessment. Following the feedback to all employees on the results from the culture diagnostic assessment, a Culture Team was formed to implement the second phase of the Culture Transformation Program, facilitated by Composure. This team defined the organisation’s Culture Story, identified initiatives that could have greatest impact in shifting the culture, and took ownership of new initiative for engaging all staff in the culture transformation. As part of this phase the Culture Team also created a Culture Roadmap that provided a guide to changes across the organisation that would shift the culture. Composure supported the Culture Team and the three levels of leadership across the organisation over eighteen months to ensure that the Culture Transformation Program was built from the bottom up and led effectively from the top down.

The Outcome

After eighteen months Composure readministered the Culture Compass diagnostic Assessment to evaluate the shift in culture since the commencement of the Culture Transformation Program.

The results indicated that the culture had improved across all eight cultural qualities assessed by between 8 to 15%. Additionally, the overall Net Culture Score, or the extent to which employees would be willing to recommend the organisation as a place to work, improved by 34%.

Although the work to improve the culture continues, the Culture Compass results indicated that significant inroads have occurred and staff are feeling more engaged and part of the solution to create a more innovative and collaborative culture focused on delivering excellence with integrity to their customers and members.


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