Composure | ‘‘Shoot for the Stars” Victorian Chamber Strategy and Culture Program
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The Brief

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has served for over 160 years as the peak organisation for business in Victoria, informing and servicing more than 15,000 members, customers and clients around the State. Currently, the organisation employs over 200 staff members across a range of services including policy and advocacy, member support services and networking and relationship building.

Since 2015, the Victorian Chamber has undergone major structural and cultural change, including a significant move to a new premise, largely new leadership across the organisation, and a shift in its approach to servicing members. 

The organisation was seeking to develop a clear strategy that could guide it over the coming years, the creation of a strong culture based on its core values, and a leadership cohort who could drive the execution of both strategy and culture. 

The Solution

Composure was engaged to support the Executive to deliver a new organisation wide strategy, a culture transformation program, and a leadership development program for its Senior Leaders over 18 months. 

The first phase focused on understanding the organisation’s starting point by assessing the existing culture. In April 2016, we assessed the culture using Composure’s proprietary Culture Compass™ diagnostic tool. Following the feedback from all employees on the results from the culture assessment, a Culture Team was formed to implement the second phase of the culture transformation program, facilitated by Composure. This team defined the Victorian Chamber’s values, identified initiatives that could have the greatest impact in shifting the culture, and took ownership of new initiatives for engaging all staff in the culture transformation. 

Composure worked with the Executive on the organisation’s strategic plan including its vision, strategic priorities and metrics of success. We then designed and facilitated a process of sharing this plan with the entire workforce in an innovative and engaging way.     

Finally, Composure designed and facilitated a Senior Leadership Program to develop leadership capabilities across the organisation. The program was titled ‘Leading the Culture’ and incorporated full day workshops focussed on self-awareness, leading teams, understanding culture, and strategic thinking.  

The Outcomes

After eighteen months, Composure re-administered the Culture Compass diagnostic assessment to evaluate the shift in culture since the commencement of our work with the Chamber. The results showed that there was an average of 15% improvement in all of the assessed culture qualities. This is an excellent improvement given the short time frame. The organisation is on track to achieving its strategic goals and has seen an improvement in productivity, performance and morale. 


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