Composure | Culture Strategy Leadership
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What We Do

“We help leaders transform their organisations through their people and culture”


We challenge you to answer four important questions:

1. To what extent is your culture well-designed, strong and robust enough to successfully execute your strategy?

2. To what extent is your strategy clear, consistent and compelling?

3. To what extent do your leadership teams have the capability to successfully role model your desired culture?

4. To what extent is your organisation designed to efficiently and effectively deliver your strategy?



Who We Are

“Behavioural change experts”


Composure is a boutique consulting firm with deep expertise in behavioural change. 

We equip leaders with the knowledge and skills to connect with their people, lead change and leverage the power of culture to advance their organisations.

Our greatest joy is seeing our clients go way beyond what they even thought was possible at an organisation, team and individual level. We help you bring out your best and create better futures.

Get in Touch

Let’s talk about building you a culture that is as wise, strong and robust as an elephant.