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We help you and your leaders become Culturalists. You get a culture whether you like it or not. The smart organisations get their culture to work for them not against them.


As we know culture can be complex, confusing and confronting. We have travelled through the ‘culture jungle’ many times. We know the pathways. We know the pitfalls. We understand the emotional reactions people go through. We know the equipment you are most likely to need and the skills to use it. We build your composure to handle the many challenges you will have to handle. We are there to help you navigate through to the destination you want to be.

Culture can be taught and it can be learned. Assessing, diagnosing, designing and transforming your culture is a core leadership capability that can be consciously practiced and measurably improved. Our aim is to help you to become a Culture specialist, or in other words a Culturalist.

We work with you to:

  • Align your Executive commitment to the culture transformation
  • Analyse your current culture through quantitative and qualitative assessments
  • Design your new culture and create your unique story
  • Communicate and connect people to the new culture
  • Get leaders to role model and lead the new culture
  • Establish a culture plan to pragmatically shift the culture
  • Create and build momentum for the culture change
  • Align cultures in mergers and acquisitions
  • Ensure major organisation change projects have culture change as a key component of the transformation


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Strategy is thinking and making the right choices in a world of change. We help create your future strategic story that brings the vision alive and gets your people to rally behind it.

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Creating a great culture has to have a context. Having a clear, consistent and compelling strategic direction provides the reason for change.

What makes a great story? We believe a great story creates alternative views and challenges our mindsets. Stories don’t just appeal to logic, but also appeal to our senses. They tap an energy that helps people discover what’s possible and provides an honest view on why change is required. Stories encourage us to ask questions of ourselves and challenge us to make different choices.

At Composure, we support you to create a great strategic story AND we challenge you to be great storytellers to get your message to stick.

We work with you to:

  • Design and deliver workshops with leaders to develop, understand and communicate their future strategy
  • Help leaders to understand the external environment within which they work and identify risks and opportunities
  • Discover and define a direction that will drive performance
  • Bring to life the strategic story through ‘Strategy on a Page’ and other communication mediums
  • Equip your leaders to communicate the strategy in a clear, consistent and compelling manner
  • Review your organisation’s design to ensure effective execution of the strategy
  • Conduct structure and role reviews
  • Design effective workflows and decision making authorities
  • Create effective execution pathways through greater clarity, alignment and commitment of leaders


If your role is to inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are a leader. We help your leaders and leadership teams find the best version of themselves and get the most from their capabilities.

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The key to raising leadership capability lies in the ability to create real behaviour change in all those who lead, enabling them to successfully influence others and create high performing teams. In order to achieve this, it is critical that the leadership development within an organisation is coordinated and aligned, and not just restricted to a few.

In your organisation are you confident your existing leaders can adapt and grow to take your organisation to the next level? Do your leaders send mixed messages, confusing people along the way? Are your leaders considered role models? Do your leaders get the best out of their people? Do your talented people see your organisation as the place they can grow?

We work with you to design and deliver:

  • Customised leadership programs
  • Leading the culture programs
  • Emerging and Future Leaders programs
  • Personality profiling and capability assessments
  • Intact team workshops to build highly productive teams
  • Executive coaching for high potential or non-performing leaders
  • Pod coaching programs

Our approach to leadership development is to work with our clients to implement a coordinated approach to leadership development across the whole organisation that will lift the bench strength of all leaders, and enable those within the organisation to maximise their capability.

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